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Here is a picture amongst the chaos of creating 9 different pieces!!

photo 1

Here are my final sound solutions:

Car crash, Angry Father and child, Death:

photo 3[1]


Bumblebees making love, empty stomach, tuba and flute:


photo 2[1]


Clock, typewriter, jazz band:


photo 1[1]


Overall the class seemed to like most of my pieces. They agreed that the most successful ones were the clock and the bumblebees making love.


Bezold Effect

Here are my final Bezold effect pieces. I think they turned out nicely, after several coats of each color. I think the dramatic difference in the very dark green and orange made this piece work well:


Final Sketches

Here are my final sketches. Like the first sound solutions assignment, I also have found this set of pieces difficult to create.

photo 1

photo 1[1]

photo 2

photo 2[1]

photo 3

photo 3[1]

photo 4

photo 4[1]

photo 5


photo 3


photo 2

ABC’s & 123’s

This is just a brief glimpse of my ABC’s and 123’s project. I had a hard time finding all of these, and it was difficult to get everything aligned and perfect:






In the critique, everyone seemed to like the pictures. There were a couple that were a little difficult to figure out, but I think that’s part of the fun of this project. None of them were too difficult though.

Box Assignment

This assignment turned out to be harder than I was anticipating. It was very difficult for me to get the exact colors as the section I chose from my original box piece. It was also very tedious to get all the lines, shading, etc. to be the same. Here is one step from when I was first starting out. As you can see I had many different layers and I had to let them dry in-between colors and layers:


And here is my final piece, I think it turned out rather nicely after hours of work 🙂


It’s hard to see some of those same colors from my first picture in my final picture because of all the layers, but the sample and the final piece look quite similar. During the critique everyone seemed to really like it. They all said that the brush strokes seemed to be pretty accurate and the matching of the colors was dead on.

Optical color mixing

Here is my piece. Although it’s not as easy to see on here, even Gaddy said it was done very nicely and it’s a great optical illusion 🙂


Seven Letter Word

This is my final piece for my Seven Letter Word. Can you guess what it is?



In class it was discussed that the piece might be a little too literal. My word was hydrate. I had a very hard time with this assignment, as I just wanted to created a painting of the actual thing! I thought the rain added the touch the piece needed in order for it to be considered “hydrate”, others disagreed. Oh well, I’m still happy with the piece.

This was my list of seven letter words. It was hard to decide which one I wanted to do. It’s difficult for me to find one and not want to draw it literally!



This is my EXTREMELY rough draft:



And this is once I started painting my piece. While doing this project I found out that these paints dry very fast, especially once you put them on the bristol board. This made it very difficult to do any type of shading or gradation.


Color Gradient

These are my color gradient squares. It was difficult towards the darker colors because the blue and yellow started mixing to create a muddy, dark color. Overall after doing a couple extra it all worked out. It’s also easier to see in person of course but it still looks pretty good on here.

color gradient

Grey’s Gradation Strips

This is my final texture gradient piece. Starting from the lightest was easy but once I started getting to the darker colors it was much more difficult to make multiple but also to make them look different. They all just looked dark! I think I finally got it solved after doing some extra and eliminating the ones that looked the same.

Grey's Gradation Strips


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